Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Web/Graphic Designer
I am Working with a Web development company providing E-Commerce Solutions, Content Management Systems, Community Systems, Blog Solutions, Forum Solutions, Website Template Design, Graphics Design, Logo Designing, Brochure Designing, Co-Operate ID designing, Custom Software Development and Open Source Script integration etc..

We provide comprehensive IT solutions and services including Website Designing, Website Maintenance, Website Redesigning, Search Engine Submission, Search engine Optimization, E-commerce solutions, HTML Catalogs, Web Promotion, Intranet application development, multimedia presentation, flash web site & custom software development.etc!

Website design, while a relatively new industry, is now an essential part of a company’s image, brand, and advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns. The side of web design that would be considered graphic design is the creation of the actual look and feel of a website. Many web designers are also involved in web development, creating the functionality behind a working website. Even if someone wants to just focus on the design side, an understanding of the technology behind websites is essential to create designs that are both attractive and functional.

Work for web designers can include:

Designing websites to hand off to developers ,
Designing web banner ads ,
Creating animated flash websites ,
Creating mockups and site wireframes ,
Understanding web technologies ,
Understanding browser & operating system differences ,
Working closely with web programmers .
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